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  • For your protection, affordable “All Risk” cargo insurance is available and recommended. Please inquire
  • All shipments are subject to re‐weight and re‐measurement by Unique Logistics and Embassy Freight International and / or its
  • As applicable, charges will be converted into the relevant currency using current exchange rates. A currency conversion
    surcharge may apply to the quoted rate.


  • All CY / SDD or CFS / DOOR shipments are based on two (2) hours free “Live” unloading. Drop Off of containers are subject to
    additional fees. Deliveries include 3 day chassis usage. Beyond 3 days to be billed to importer account.
  • Unique Logistics and Embassy Freight International are not liable for rail detention, trucker’s additional wait time at local
    terminals or store door locations.
  • Rates for 45H will be rated at the 40GP Rate times 1.266%.
  • Importer will be responsible for any overweight fines, permit costs, special chassis rental, trans loading, or other costs associated
    with overweight containers.
  • LCL cargo is subject to over‐weight surcharges if its weight exceeds or equals 1000kgs / 1 cubic meter.
  • Rates are submitted and services will be provided under Unique Logistics and Embassy Freight International’s standard Terms and
    Conditions of Service and /or the terms set forth in the applicable contract of carriage
  • Rates quotes are not applicable to dangerous goods, perishable cargo, automobiles, or personal goods.
  • Quotations are subject to change due to factors beyond Unique Logistics and Embassy Freight International’s control such as fuel
    surcharges, PSS, GRIs, PSAFs, scope modifications, war risk and security surcharges and may be adjusted accordingly.
  • LCL rates are charged 1 cubic meter or 800 lbs. (363 kgs) per shipment or minimum, whichever generates the higher number.
  • Unless specified in the above quote, LCL cargo is quoted on a per weight or measure basis and is subject to over‐length surcharges
    for cargo exceeding 12 feet.
  • Rates are based on FOB Origin (CY / CFS), and do not include local origin charges.
  • United States Customs Border Patrol requires that all importers must have a Bond (single / continuous) on file. Should you
    require a bond, we can facilitate on your behalf with completed bond application.