Customs Brokerage

Unique Logistics International, USA offers U.S. Customs Clearances Services throughout the USA to compliment the cargo services we offer our clients. Our experienced staff participates in CBP Compliance Training and can assist in the research of duty rates, classification and U. S. Customs compliance. We take care of all liaise between the various governments agencies and you as the importer. This value-added service will allow Unique Logistics to clear your cargo, typically in advance of arrival, and arrange for immediate delivery to the ultimate destination.

Unique Logistics International, USA has Remote Location Filing status (RLF) with U. S. Customs. This gives us the ability to be your single source provider and contact for U.S. Customs clearance regardless of where the cargo clears in the USA.

Brokerage services include the preparation of all US Customs documentation and other government agencies forms, arranging delivery order, local messenger service and all coordination to insure a smooth delivery. Unique Logistics also provides duty drawback services and currently has Licensed Customs Brokers on staff.